Friday, March 15, 2013

The Final Ties- The Move

Many members of our studio arrived early this morning to put the finishing touches on our installation, but little did we know that we had greater challenges waiting for us than removing plastic film from our structure. The School of Architecture once again insisted that we move our installation but only after we had mostly assembled our project. We had to detach the polycarbonate surface from our base not only because of its weight but because none of the exits from the courtyard were wide enough to accommodate our entire structure. We unbolted our structure, and many of us including our studio professor, Roland Wahlroos-Ritter, lifted the surface both from the inside and outside. We were able to more it through two doorways and around a corner. Next we moved our base angling it so that we could maneuver it around its surroundings. However, despite the madness of changing our site the day our project was due, our newest site was by far the best because it allowed our project to have the greatest amount of exposure as it was now oriented on the main axis of the School of Architecture. Additionally the widest end of the installation opened onto the main circulation axis of the School so that the structure beckoned for passer-byers to enter it. After figuring out the orientation of our Glass Pavilion in its new location, we realized it was necessary to secure the surface with additional footings. We drilled holes to attach each of the metal connections to the polycarbonate and the wooden base. Following is footage of our studio moving the Glass Pavilion. Music Credit- The Piano Guys Begin Again

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