Friday, March 15, 2013

Levitating Cubes

Under the direction of Eric Nulman, Michelle East, Caroline Kim, Devina Parbhoo, Vicente Shum, David Takahashi, Jake Cavallo, Reni Somoye, Cindy Jin, Leo Chuang, Avram Winston, Andrew Herrera, Daqian Cao, Jihyun Choi, and Wing Wong created an installation composed of a series of cubes varying in scale and materiality. As you approach the short side of the installation, the planes parallel to you appear to float because all the planes facing you are transparent. However when you approach the long side of the installation, you see the opaque sides of the cubes and the varying materiality of each cube is revealed. Although the installation appears to be a simple group of scaled cubes, these cubes actually generate complex reflections due to the reflectivity of the materials used. Sometimes the reflections are reflected so that an object and its reflection can be seen at the same time. Photo credit second photo: Vicente Shum

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