Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tasteful Design

The smell of bagels and coffee greeted us this morning as we entered studio. Our professor and his daughter came with a supply of moral support and food. After our studio breakfast, we journeyed to shop once again. We taped the last of the plotted patterns to the polycarbonate pieces aligning the long edge with the grain in the polycarbonate in order to give the most amount of structure to each triangle. Unusually, we are ahead of schedule finishing cutting all 800 pieces of polycarbonate today. There are even two extra sheets of polycarbonate. We also finished drill pressing the majority of these pieces. We have to finish cleaning up each of the openings created by the drill press with our olfas and tweezers and then clean each triangle with compressed air. This process ensures that at first our pavilion will seem almost invisible as the channels in the polycarbonate will be clean. Near the center of the structure when the joints are examined, only a vinyl cylinder and zip tie will be visible instead of the jagged edges and white particles created by the drill press. Many of the triangles we cut today have already been vinyled and are awaiting zip tying.  David and Jonathan worked on assembling and staining the wooden base of the model today while Vicky worked to create metal connectors. Our origami structure is beginning to come together. With a little luck, every piece will be in place for Monday when we hope to begin installing the surface in its site. 

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