Friday, March 15, 2013

Chevron Connections

Another installation which accompanied the Glass Pavillion was the Chevron Connections installation. Under the direction of Aaron Neubert Corey Norris, Nicolette Landucci, Graham Benjamin, Janice Chen, Daniel Valentin, Kif Mogorosi, Ewan Feng, Rachal Bass, Stephanie Truong, Keith Melcore, Iliana Lopez, and Athur Amirkagan composed an installation composed of aggregated units. Two parallelograms are joined together to form a module. This module is then combined with other like modules to create a series of strips that form the installation. Each module is unique. The fold between the parallelograms varies as well as the transparency and color. The modules are transparent in predetermined areas, and because of the varying angles of the fold, they can be completely transparent or opaque, depending on the viewpoint. The nature of the units allows the module to fold in or lay flat, thus allowing the play of densities to further distort the idea of transparency. The gradient of color highlights the more dense areas in the installation. These chevron shapes serve to connect the ground plane to the sky framing a ring of blue.

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