Friday, March 15, 2013

Pitch Figures

Below is a look into the installations that accompanied the Glass Pavilion. Under the direction of Geoffrey Van Oeyen Annie Mak, Chris Andriassian, Chris Penfold, Christie Wang, Cicely Sugito, Denise Acosta, Johhny La, Jonathan Lee, Nelson Chen, Nicolas Oueijan, Noreen Wu, Sujean Park, and Yii Sha created a completely different environment named Pitch Figures. A play on the seaweed-like structural "tubes" in Toyo Ito's Sendai Mediatheque, "Pitch Figures" leverages the motion, verticality, and sound achieved by a field of suspended conduit pipes arranged in spatial figures that vary in plan and elevation. Grouped in ring formations, individual pipe lengths calibrate specific pitches. Pipes are dampened and codified with color paper bands. One's perception of touch, depth, and movement are engaged in this forest of sounds. Photo credit bottom two images Sujean Park

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